Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Cincinnati

Well yesterday was a fun day. Emily was SO excited this year. She was wound-up from the day we put up the tree until yesterday night (when she started to crash a little). On Christmas Eve Emily and I made and decorated sugar cookies and also popcorn balls (My aunt sent us a really cute kit.) Pete relaxed and napped and tried to take it easy after a 96 hour work week the week before. After he and Abby woke up, we went to see a little nativity in Mt. Healthy that had real animals. There were goats, sheep, and donkeys. It was really fun.

This is a picture of them waiting on the stairs to go down and see what Santa brought.

Abby was so funny. She wasn't very interested in unwrapping presents, but she loved picking them up, chewing on the bows, and getting into trouble! Santa brought Em a doll house and Abby a ball station (with the air that blows the balls around), plus grandmas and grandpas spoiled them, as did aunts and uncles. They also spoiled Pete and me. :)

Pete in the U of U scrub cap for the O.R. I bought him for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vinyl Cutter!

Yea! I am so excited! I finally got my vinyl cutter. I bought it with the intention of starting a small business out of my home. Vinyl hasn't quite hit Cincinnati by storm like it has in parts of the West, so we'll see. ;) I'll post some prices in a little bit, in case someone you know is interested. Here are some pictures of some little neighbor gifts I did. I put chocolate dipped pretzels inside most of them. I found pretzels that were Christmas shapes, so I was extra excited.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Brown Thanksgiving

I love the Browns!! I was so excited when they said they would join us for Thanksgiving. And they came bearing St. Louis treats like toasted rav, peppermint Joe Joes, and Chris's delicious homemade raspberry jam. I had so much fun with them here. It was great to be reunited with good friends. We were all sad after they left. It made me miss St. Louis and our friends and Stonecrest... But alas I guess we must move on with life. Anyway, we had a great weekend eating, shopping, watching movies, and they were so nice to help me with the kids. I sure hope they'll come again, stinky cheese and all... :)