Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dance recital pictures

Emily's dance recital was so cute! I just love girls in tutus.

Here is her class backstage before the recital started. They were so excited!

And of course I had to throw one in of Jake. He's just too cute!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:

Everything here is green and beautiful; rolling hills, lush vegetation, green grass

Planting strawberries for the first time

Jake’s cute smile and laugh. I love it! I am so in love with this kid. He is just so sweet and cuddly and patient. I just love him to pieces.

Abby saying cute little things and getting so excited over everything she sees. When we go for walks she likes to come home and tell Peter what we see, “I taw a bunny robbit!” She says it with these big eyes and deep little voice. So cute!

Emily enjoying books and loving to tell jokes. Also, she likes to tell me great little facts, like last night, “Mom, do we live near a beach?” Me: “Nope.” Emily: “It’s a good thing because then baby sea turtles might see our lights on and follow our lights to our house instead of following the moon to the ocean.” Yep, that would be one of the hazards of living near a beach.

Going for walks

Breyer’s chocolate brownie ice cream

A Mary Higgins Clark murder mystery novel

Barbequed hamburgers

Friends that call or send an email to make sure I'm still alive

Pete’s call schedule for next year

Enjoying my kids

Kids going to bed

Emily’s dance recital and her looking so cute in her costume

The Bad:

Wanting to do more things with the house than I have money to

The dandelions that, if left undisturbed, grow to be at least 4 feet tall. No kidding. And I’ve got a few that are already off to a good start this season.

I worked in my yard Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and when I looked at it Sunday, I couldn’t even tell that I’d done anything to it. It would take me days to get it under control with the amount of humidity and rain we have here.

Spit up, laundry, crying in the night, my girls out growing their shoes too fast

Poop. On Jake’s clothes. On my clothes. Barely missed the couch and got all over the blanket instead.

Saturday call

Missing family

Knowing that the deer and squirrels will eat the strawberries that I just planted

The Ugly:

Seeing Peter after working 15 hours, then spending 7 grueling hours in the OR before losing the patient, trying to sleep 2 hours in the call room, then getting up and working 13 more hours. He looked terrible, poor guy.

Cramming 2 car seats and a booster seat in the back of my Saturn SL1

My wardrobe

My bathroom bathtub tile that I want to replace (see #1 under “The Bad”)

Me with 3 kids at church

My lack of patience at the end of a long day

I had cookie dough for lunch yesterday

Running through the parking lot to my car with my three kids during a terrible storm, tornado sirens blaring, dark as night, crashing thunder, lightening, crazy rain and wind.

Awesome. J