Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Lilly

I am so excited that our new baby girl, Lillian Grace, is here!  So far she has been such a sweet baby.  We are really enjoying her.  The kids have been pretty patient with the adjustment so far, but I'm sure that's because my mom is here giving them plenty of attention and help.  So grateful for her!

So I don't know why I can't ever have a birth that goes according to plan, but Lilly was no exception.  She came on May 24th, 4 days before her scheduled C-section.  I woke up early that morning with a few hard contractions.  I decided to put a call into the Dr. to let her know I'd be coming in.  I also called Peter who was already at work and asked him to come and get me.  The Dr. called me back about 15 minutes later and said that I could wait it out a little longer or come in.  It was up to me.  I knew that my babies come fast and was already in a lot of pain, so I told her I'd be in.  It only took Peter about 20 minutes to get home, but by the time he did I was in a terrible amount of pain.  We briefly debated calling 911 but decided just to head for the hospital.  My water broke en route to the hospital and I was really worried that Pete would have to pull over and deliver the baby.  Thanks to Pete's Indy 500 speedy driving, we were able to make it to the hospital.  I was so hoping for an epidural to relieve the pain, but it wasn't in the cards.  17 minutes after arriving at the hospital, baby Lillian was born, weighing 8 pounds even and 20 inches long.  I'm so grateful that I had Pete with me.  He's always such a calming presence in situations that are scary and traumatic like this one was.  This little baby is so sweet.  I just love her so much already and know that she belongs with our family. :)