Friday, March 4, 2011

New pictures

(Abby just celebrated her 2nd birthday.)

We took the kids to get their pictures taken last Saturday. Not a very fun way to spend a Saturday morning, but I think they turned out good.

Things here are going just fine. We had a couple of sunny days this week, which was nice, so I was able to walk Em to school. Today it has rained all day. Last week it rained and we had a leak in the foundation the was sending water into our basement. Argh! It was only is a small part of it, but still a huge pain. I had to tear back the carpet and dry it, then pull the paneling off the wall so the waterproofers could come and find the leak. They came on Tuesday and then came back today to patch it. I told the guy that I should get a punch card for as many times as they've been to my house since we moved in. Also, my car has been in the shop. I walked down to the shop and picked it up last night and when I started it up, it was still making the same noise. What did I just pay $400 for?! Car repairs=no fun.

Pete is off nights now, so that's nice. It's good to have him back among the living. He takes his board exams tomorrow and then has to head to the hospital for an over night on-call shift. I'm trying to think of something to entertain the kids on a rainy day. Today we played Red Light/ Green Light, Simon Says, Mother May I, London Bridges,etc. I'm about burned out of those games so hopefully I can come up with something else. Maybe the library?