Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Pete and Jake share the same Birthday, August 22nd. Pete had most of the day off, which is a real treat for us. We went to lunch at a Sushi/Chinese buffet (Pete likes Sushi and the rest of us like Chinese).

While Pete was at work, the kids and I decorated the house. When he got home, we had dinner and then opened presents and had cake. I made Peter a dulce de leche cheesecake and Jake a baseball cake (pictures are on another camera and I haven't taken them off yet.) Jake enjoyed eating sweets for the first time. One of Pete's presents was tickets to a Red's game for the family. I'll post pictures of that soon.

These are my boys. Love them both so much! Anyone who knows Pete and me knows that we're a good fit; not in the sense that we're the same and go good together, but more like a jig saw puzzle where two different pieces seem to fit together. This baby is the sweetest thing. It's always hard to watch your baby get bigger, but with Jake, I am always just so grateful that he's with us and that he's healthy. Each day that he grows and I and see him exploring his surroundings more, I am reminded of that.

Here is a picture of Jake when he was a month old, buckled in the car seat to come home from the NICU. The picture next to it is how he looks now, 11 months later, sitting in his car seat. :)
(Don't mind his crazy hair and his crazy expression. It was nap time and he seemed really confused about us taking his picture!)

Back to school

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, but I'll get it done. It may not be in chronological order, because I am starting with Emily going back to school. :)

So Emily started her first day of morning kindergarten this week.

Here is Emily in line at her school, heading in to her classroom. She was cool as a cucumber, but not necessarily feeling overly friendly or outgoing.

Here she is on the porch, right before school. She had her toe nails painted and everything. :)